Poster Format ?>

Poster Format

  • Size of Poster is A0.
  • Title (The title should be written as short as possible (not more than 15¬†words). The title should be centered, and in Arial 60-point boldface type.).
  • Author(s) name (Author names is to be centered beneath the title and printed in Arial 40-point boldface type. The full name is preferred and written without the use of title. ).
  • Introduction (Describe the background and issues briefly but full of contents at this point. This should no more than 8 lines, written in Arial 22-point.).
  • Methodology (Write research methodology in brief enough, 1-2 sentences in Arial 22-point.).
  • Result (Describe the findings result clearly, written in Arial 22-point, completed by diagram, chart or pictures to simplify the viewer to understand the information.).
  • Conclusion (Write in pointer format, in Arial 22-point.).
  • Contact Person (Write e-mail address, contact phone number and the institution
    (Example for the institution: Dept. Chemistry, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia).).